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No website should be without its own store, even the shit ones. To that effect I've created this shop so that you can get your grubby little hands on all the latest lukalikes related memorabelia!

As you're probably a bit skeptical I'd like to point out that THIS IS AN ACTUAL SHOP! I've found a company in America that do printing and also sell the stuff for you too. So if you follow the links on this page then you'll be able to aktually order some of this shit.

Not that I'd expect you to, infact I'm not expecting to sell anything, but it cost me fuck all and some of the slogans are kind of catchy, so go nuts.
"Medal" Jersey
Sexy fitted Jersey Description:
This beautifully crafted 100% Cotton T-Shirt is both cool and Hard. It sports two of luke's most popular catchphrases:"What do you want? a medal?" and "Get Out!"
  • 100% combed ring spun cotton
  • Tailored fit
  • What do you want? A Medal?
 US: $18.99
 UK: 10.62

Grumpy Tramp T-Shirt
Luke is a grumpy get Description:
This item celebrates Luke at his best, as you can see he's obviously just had his special brew nicked and he's not too happy about it.
  • 100% combed ring spun cotton
  • Tailored fit
  • What are you waiting for? Christmas?
 US: $15.99
 UK: 8.95

Luke & Rory Sweater
Seperated at birth? Description:
This quality product shows Luke and one of his numerous lookalikes, Rory McGrath. As usual Luke's ranting...
  • 100% material!
  • As worn by all the top celebs!
  • Luke is cranky!
 US: $22.99
 UK: 12.90

Large Tramp Mug
Warm you're cockles with Luke! Description:
Warm you're cockles with this genuine Lukealikes.com mug! This mug is made in a sepecial large size which makes it ideal for drinking your cheapo cider out of.
  • Extra Large
  • Chicks Love it
 US: $12.99
 UK: 7.29

"What do you want? A medal?" Mousepad
Luke is a grumpy get Description:
This item is guarenteed to cheer up your working day! A mouse pad with a picture of luke looking battered and holding up a model of Jesus... Class!
  • 100% matty
  • Works with all known types of mouse
 US: $11.99
 UK: 6.69

Ginger Jesus Wall Clock
Bless you my son Description:
Get the time and ginger Jesus's blessings at once with this nifty wall clock!
  • Luke is a spastic!
  • Can be used as a dart board!
  • Can be used as a punching board!
 US: $11.99
 UK: 6.69

Ginger Tramp Greetings Card!
Happy Fuckingcuntday! Description:
Ever been obliged to send a card to someone who you don't actually like? Well this is product is for you! With one fell swoop you'll be able to lip people off and show that you've 'made the effort'
  • Comes in a pack of several!
  • You're relatives will get the hint!
 US: $11.99
 UK: 6.69

Luke loves Rory McGrarth Postcard Set
Ahhh aint they sweet Description:
Solve all your holiday headaches in advance! Buy your postcards now and then send them before you go on your trip. If you do this then you'll have more time out there to shag small phillipino boys. You disgusting bastard!
  • 100% card
  • Worshipped in outer mongolia
 US: $6.99
 UK: 3.99

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